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Soul Therapist Sessions

Like most women around the planet, you realize that there is something stirring deep within you to awaken to experience your true self and live your life’s purpose. Maybe you notice a desire to begin living passionately and abundantly. A soul therapist provides a sacred space for your soul to communicate your core truth.

Soul Therapy is an intelligent energy that works in harmonizing and awakening your authentic self, the true you from within.

The human condition blocks and inhibits this expression of self from speaking honestly, discovering that self-love is a powerful ally and necessity for girls, women and elders who embody the feminine generational lineage to breath her fierce unconditional love into the planetary grid.

What is a Soul Therapist?

A Licensed Soul Therapist provides you the tools and techniques to live your life empowered from the Soul level.  She enables you to release, restore & heal the past; embrace the future with confidence and gain an understanding of your true worth in the world through self-love. A Soul Therapist is a professionally trained evolutionary educator supporting the eradication of pain and suffering from within the human condition.

How does it work?

You and Sarah will connect via online video, phone or in person once a week for 6 weeks. Each session lasts 1 hour.

In each session we focus on one particular energy body:

  • The mental body
  • The emotional body
  • The physical body
  • The spiritual body
  • The soul body

In each 1-hour session I will compassionately and truthfully guide you into seeing what you currently do not see or understand about your particular situation and life experience. Together we will eradicate the pain, suffering, mental confusion and spiritual disassociation by lovingly releasing it to elevate your consciousness. You will receive and embody a brand new awareness currently not known to you that feels true and real—for no one else but yourself. This is your personal truth.

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The Human Condition

The effects of the human condition are experienced as disassociation. Human conditioning constricts, controls, limits and inhibits the true expression of your spirit.

Examples of this show up in not knowing who you are, uncertainty about your life, and loss of connection to the world around you, your emotions, and being unable to connect with your conscious mind. It is used as a defense mechanism to pain or suffering. The human condition is like a safety valve that automatically gets triggered when it fears any trauma, especially from past experiences.

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Learn how to eradicate fear and suffering with Soul Therapy to embody inner peace and apply authentic presence and living to affect change where it matters most ~ your heart.

The Soul Therapy Package is $600. Payment can be made via bank wire, mailing a check or PayPal. Schedule a free consultation to begin.


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