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Soul Therapy is an intelligent energy that works in harmonizing and awakening your authentic self, the true you from within.

Weekly Soul Therapist sessions support you in exploring unconscious belief systems and unhealed emotions that no longer serve you that you are not yet aware of that are affecting you. Maybe you notice a desire to begin living passionately and abundantly and to break free from pain of the past.

Working with a professionally trained licensed soul therapist from Soul Therapy School® provides a sacred space for your soul to communicate your core truth.

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What is a Soul Therapist?

A Licensed Soul Therapist provides you the tools and techniques to live your life empowered from the Soul level. She enables you to release, restore & heal the past; embrace the future with confidence and gain an understanding of your true worth in the world through self-love. A Soul Therapist is a professionally trained evolutionary educator supporting the eradication of pain and suffering from within the human condition.

The Human Condition

The effects of the human condition is experienced as disassociation. Human conditioning constricts, controls, limits and inhibits the true expression of your spirit. Examples of this show up in not knowing who you are, uncertainty about your life, and loss of connection to the world around you, your emotions, and being unable to connect with your conscious mind. It is used as a defense mechanism to pain or suffering.

The human condition is like a safety valve that automatically gets triggered when it fears any trauma, especially from past experiences.

How does it work?

You and Sarah will connect via virtual video sessions, phone or in-person once a week for 6 – 60 minute sessions. Sarah, will guide you into seeing what you currently do not understand about your life experience and to recognize your unconscious beliefs and patterns so that you feel free and liberated from your past. Soul Therapist Sessions are 100% confidential and provide a safe, loving, supportive space for you to be in full self-expression. Additionally, your sessions will be recorded and sent to you for further review and study.

This week was my 11th Soul Therapy session with Sarah. Sarah has helped me connect with my Spirit, Soul and Heart, where before, I was very disconnected. She has brought so many new things to my awareness. She helps me work through my pains, my emotions, my struggles. She has taught me the importance of self love and getting to know and love myself on a very deep level. I come to new realizations every time we meet as well as in between sessions. Sarah is very intuitive, and has a beautiful, gentle way of helping you work through your stuff- whatever that stuff may be for you. I strongly believe that everyone could use Soul Therapy. We live in a world of distractions and many of us are so disconnected from ourselves and from nature and the planet. If you feel drawn towards Soul Therapy, your soul is telling you something. I am so very grateful that I met Sarah and that I listened to my Spirit and began Soul Therapy sessions.

Keely A.

Phoenix, AZ.

Sarah is a kind, intuitive listener and healer. She holds powerful space for you in her sessions. She would be a great support for any stage of your healing journey.

Nita B.

Tempe, AZ.

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Learn how to eradicate fear and suffering with Soul Therapy to embody inner peace and apply authentic presence and living to affect change where it matters most ~ your heart. Schedule a free consultation to begin.

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