September 30, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Only Love Studio
4385 N 75th St #103
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Sarah Christine Graham
Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Seminar for Women @ Only Love Studio | Scottsdale | Arizona | United States

Soul Parenting Seminar for Women


Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ is an incredible new model of conscious parenting and honoring yourself as a woman, and the spirit of your child.

Join Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator, Sarah Christine Graham, from Soul Therapy School® to share in the discussion of how growing up with unhealthy family dynamics can stop you from deeply trusting yourself and making healthy choices for your body, heart and spirit as a woman and Mother or Mother-to-be.


✨Women in preconception preparing for Motherhood

✨Women who desire to connect with the spirit of her child before birth.

✨Women who want to become Mother’s later in life but feel unsure or have fears about pregnancy and birth.

✨Mother’s who want to deepen their relationship to herself, children and learning about how to be a Soul Parent.

✨Women who value healing, education and one on one mentorship.

✨Women who want to create a conscious, healthy connection to her womb space to embody deep self-trust.

✨Women who want to heal their Mother, Grandmother and female lineage wounds.

The old paradigm of how women should conceive a child, experience pregnancy, births her child into this world and becomes a mother is an outdated and unconscious act of fulfilling a 70 + year old society norm. It lacks the true meaning of what is ultimately taking place between soul and spirit in the physical between the child and mother. The current model is a limitation of the true potentiality of a women’s personal experience as a creator and bringer of life and is a spiritually vacant disconnection to the truth of the relationship between the spirit of the child and the soul of the mother.

All attendees will receive an informational handout on the Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ program offerings for women in preconception preparing for Motherhood and seasoned Mother’s.

**Please bring a journal, pen, and water with you to our gathering.**

Read about the Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Programs here:

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Learn how to be a Soul Parent to restore integrity to our planet and heal family dynamics. Humanity needs you to step into your feminine leadership with strength, grace, and confidence.

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