I am so grateful for the time spent talking with Sarah. She is truly gifted in the field of Soul Therapy! I knew right away when speaking with her during the free consultation that she would be helpful with my healing. I looked forward to every session with Sarah because I felt at ease sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. She guided me through understanding, self-awareness, and peace.

Sarah knows just what to say, and how to say it in order to realize about what is key to this life. I would highly recommend speaking with Sarah. I can directly attribute my healed heart and renewed soul to my sessions with her. Honestly, don’t wait to make an appointment with Sarah like I did. Do it now and know that you are on your way to a better, happier, healthier you!

Barbara M, Phoenix, Arizona

Sarah Christine Graham is a Licensed Soul Therapist + Professionally Certified Generational Healer™ in Arizona. She works with private clients and leads women’s gatherings holding space for those who desire healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies from pain, trauma and conditioning of unhealthy family dynamics.

She counsels women as a Spiritual Guide and Soul Therapist, guiding her toward greater conscious awareness and understanding of her life experiences so that she can emerge out of her pain body, feeling liberated and free.

Sarah has been mentored by Deborah Skye King, CEO of the International Soul Therapy School and the World’s Leading Authority in Soul Therapy.

Sarah works with women globally online and teaches in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona along with seeing clients in her private studio.

Ever since I was a little girl I have felt a connection with everything in nature as well as the stars and planets. I loved to play outside for hours; nature was my only place of peace and solace as a child. I loved exploring the grass and flowers looking for fuzzy willy worm caterpillars, watching ants, and tried to capture lightning bugs flying in the air in the summertime. I felt cats and horses were magical. I also loved water and spent every hour that I could swimming in my backyard pool every summer. My parents, early on, thought I would become a veterinarian doctor one day, or perhaps an artist because I spent so much time coloring, sketching, and painting. I had a strong interest in science in grade school, and would take my parents’ telescope out into the backyard at night to try and get a closer glimpse of the stars and maybe a planet or two if I got lucky. I felt connected and aware of something much bigger than myself that I did not yet know how to describe.

I was very sensitive to energy as a child. The words and emotions expressed around me and electronic transmissions from TV’s affected my nervous system, but my parents were not aware of this. I became depressed and felt unloved as a child; my parents were also not aware of this. The dynamics in our household were really sad. My father’s unhealed childhood wounds he tried to mask with alcohol, but his lack of emotional availability and sensitivity stirred up deep turmoil in our home and family relationships. My mother’s unhealed childhood wounds made her unable to respond and show up for her children fully, including not being able to show up for herself and provide for her needs. My older brother and I always had a disconnect, never experiencing what a nurturing brother-sister relationship should feel and look like.

I felt a strength and wisdom in my soul to claim my freedom and independence when I could finally venture out into the world on my own and begin to make sense of why my family turned out the way they did and to find clarity from all of the mental and emotional confusion that I was conditioned into. I also felt very strongly that I wanted to get right with myself before coming a mother. I needed to heal myself and there was something calling me to do exactly that.

I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, when I was 19 years old. I had never been to Phoenix. I took a chance and started life over far away from my hometown roots, a location that I felt had nothing left to offer me but painful memories and broken family relationships. I chose to take full responsibility for my wounds and decided I didn’t want to end up like my mother or father. I felt a depth to my soul that was strong, wise, fierce, and powerful calling me home. This feeling in my body is what has propelled me forward these last 13 years. There is a memory of who I am without the family and society conditioning, pain and trauma that remembers what I am here to do.

Being true to myself has been a constant theme throughout my life, and something that has been met with countless challenges from people around me. But it has taught me to be a strong courageous soul that speaks my truth and awakens others to do the same. I draw upon the wisdom of my spiritual gifts and my soul’s evolution to fulfill my purpose in supporting humanity. I stir something within people that initiates them to think and look at life from angles that are the raw truth, seeing beyond veils of illusion created by others and the filters from unhealthy family dynamic conditioning that limits a person from growing and evolving. I am here to support women who are ready to take responsibility for her healing and growth so she can emerge in a whole new way of being in the world that fills her heart and soul, just as I did through Soul Therapy.

1. What prompted you to begin a journey of self exploration?

As I ventured out into my college years and the corporate world, I knew something just didn’t feel right. There was something prompting me to take a look at what this feeling was inside of me that I couldn’t pinpoint or explain. It was like this yearning to keep digging and get to the bottom of whatever it was that was calling me to go there within myself. I carried this sense of ‘something’ about my life experience that was guiding me to something greater, but I had no clue what it was. It was too strong to ignore. I also knew that I was in pain and felt emotionally numb.

2. How did your family life shape how you viewed the world, prior to your journey of self-healing?

I learned that I wasn’t allowed to be myself, people weren’t emotionally safe, and that my needs as an individual didn’t matter and to expect others to accept you as you are was impossible. Everywhere I went it seemed there were pre-determined guidelines to live by, it was so limiting. I viewed the world as a place of survival, where struggle and disappointment is the norm, and that people are unreliable. I felt that I had to just work hard and do everything myself without any help, and that being vulnerable was a weakness because you only get hurt that way. I viewed the world as a masculine dominated space, that the feminine is weak, and that I, too, had to be masculine to make something of myself.

3. When did you realize that something was not right about your home life as a child?

I realized this very early in grade school. I sensed this tense, fearful energy in my home and within my family, especially around my dad. His presence dominated our home space, no one had a voice or space to express themselves or feel joyful and free. It was so suppressing, and a very controlled environment. There was very little joy, laughter, nurturing, or communication. It just felt very heavy and forced. There was a lot of self-abandonment and abuse going on. My dad had a temper, yelled a lot, just really unpredictable. It was like walking around on eggshells every day.

4. When did you start to realize you grew up in an unhealthy relationship as a family?

I think that I realized this when I was in 6th – 7th grade. I had switched schools, my grandma died, my mom had been sick with cancer for a little over a year, and my dad’s drinking and mood just kept getting worse. My mom seemed like life was just taken out of her, and my dad was angry and irritable all of the time. My brother had already moved out to begin high school at 14 years old an hour and a half away at the Illinois School for the Deaf. It was like our family unit just fell apart and we were co-existing in our own individual worlds completely alone. We were family by blood, but so disconnected from one another all going in different directions. It made for a very confusing and stressful dynamic.

When I was about 22 years old I discovered Adult Children of Alcoholics and it stunned me. I’ll never forget the self-realization that took place while reading an Adult Children of Alcoholics book. It was horrifying, yet liberating to understand why I felt the way I did, and that so many people are impacted by alcohol abuse from a parent (or partner) so deeply. Right then I knew I had a lot of work and healing to do for myself.

5. How did you view a mother/daughter relationship as you grew up until your late teens? Anything else you would like to add please do.

I viewed my mother/daughter relationship as very empty, there wasn’t an emotional connection. I yearned for one as a little girl, but I sensed this block and separation. I didn’t know this wasn’t normal. Mom was, well, ‘mom’. She cooked dinner, did the laundry, picked me up from school and took me to ballet class. The only advice I can consciously remember my mother ever giving me was “don’t settle” in regard to relationships, and any time my dad and I got into an argument and I was steaming afterwards, she would say “you don’t have to live with him forever.” I didn’t view her as someone I could really talk to. I never understood or knew what a healthy mother/daughter relationship was supposed to feel like. She died when I was 18 and it was like those years flew by before I was able to understand what had really happened between us.

Since meeting with Sarah for our 6-week Soul Therapist™ Sessions, I have become so much more aware. I am now more aware of my feelings, of my strengths and of my setbacks at each given moment. Because of this awareness, I am living more presently. I’ve learned to slow down and acknowledge how certain situations make me feel and the meaning behind it. I believe understanding my feelings is the gateway to better understanding my soul and intuition. It is so great to have this new sense of mental clarity.

Sarah has a gift for empathizing and for asking the right questions to help you realize that the answers to your trials are already within you (At least, that’s how it worked for me, I’m sure everyone will have their own experience and discoveries). I would recommend Soul Therapy to literally everyone. Every single person could and should use this type of therapy to help them become better versions of themselves.

Keely - Scottsdale, Arizona

Sarah Graham is awesome! I have been looking for a good life coach to help me, not only with my career path, but also with relationship stuff and every day spiritual/life experiences. I found Sarah on Yelp and had no clue what soul therapy was but felt that this was probably what I had been searching for. She has guided me through a lot of the life experiences and changes I have been going through, at a pivotal moment in my life. I was lucky enough to find someone so open, inspiring, and aligned on a spiritual path as well. She blends logic with soul awareness to help guide you through your own decision making process. She doesn’t give ready-made answers that any life coach can spit out, but asks questions shown by her own intuition to provoke your own spiritual and emotional awareness. I have learned so much about myself and what I really want through our sessions together. She also gives you tools for what you are specifically in need of. I can use the grounding meditation and protective shield meditation she taught me anywhere and anytime I need now. I received invaluable insight from her, as she can look at you and know if you are being real with her OR yourself Lol! But honestly you only get what you put it, the deeper you dig into your own shadow with her, the more gems you’ll find to help you on your path. I have already completed our first set of sessions but plan on continuing further with her.

Natalie K, Chandler, AZ

Sarah’s workshops are phenomenal! She provides a brilliant introduction to the essential work of Generational Healing. Sarah clearly helps everyone to become aware of more root issues and the beginnings of compassion for ourselves and ancestors on our road to transformation and greater peace. Her energetic gifts create profound shifts in those that receive her work and the knowing that we are loved by many in our life journeys.

Ahna Marie, Sedona, AZ

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