sarah christine graham

Licensed Soul Therapist + Professionally Certified Generational Healer™

Women who discover this site are guided to connect and receive teachings for her soul. There is something more you are desiring and you’ve been seeking support, tools and resources on how to meet this need. Lost parts of your spiritual self are asking for healing, to be released and filled with greater purpose, integrity, love, creativity and personal freedom. Your soul craves to be seen and heard, set free from unhealthy society and family conditioning that stunts your self-growth and keeps you stuck living a life that may not feel like your own. The result is feeling unloved, disconnected and living from the pain body.
Choosing a path of healing and deep inner work requires stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new ways of thinking, feeling and being. This is where I can guide you. As a Licensed Soul Therapist + Professionally Certified Generational Healer™, I have been mentored to use techniques and a particular language sequencing to elevate the embodiment of your consciousness, thus shifting the relationship and vibration to your core conditioning for deep healing and transformation.
The issues you are desiring to let go of also exists through your family lineages—issues of rejection, fear, anxiety, body issues, emotional disconnection and many others, continue to play out and recreate each generation, never really healing the emotional traumas that have affected your ancestors during their lives and are now affecting yours, it's inherited. 
By working with Soul Therapy, Generational Healing™ or attending my women’s gatherings, you will begin to experience an expression of your full potential of healthy emotions, mental clarity and spiritual essence guided by the frequency and experience of LOVE—not fear.


sarah christine graham

The Human Experience

Living a reality that is full of stress, chaos and confusion is not healthy and definitely not normal, though mainstream society believes and accepts this to be true, “this is just how life is”—I am here to tell you that you don’t have to accept this. By allowing fears to take over and dictate your quality of life experience, this inhibits your ability to receive clear thinking, direction and confidence on what serves you and what does not, preventing you from manifesting your dreams and allowing them to become a reality. We create our reality through every thought, emotion, decision and action, both conscious and unconscious.

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of something within you or your surroundings and the ability to respond to it. As a part of humanity, we have not focused on the love of the experience of being human, but have focused on the constant stimuli and reactionary sequences of fear in the human condition. Electronics, including TV's, computers and smartphones, withholding emotions, addictions (both substance and behavior), trauma, depression, anxiety, society norms—all of these contribute to limiting your ability to feel safe in your body and embody what you are here to learn.

The wisdom of your Soul is stored in the cellular memory of each individual. To attain that wisdom, one must become grounded in their human experience by evolving past their conditioning. Healing is deeply needed for humanity to evolve now more than ever.

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Generational Healing™ Intro & Demonstration - Sedona, AZ - January 16th
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Generational Healing™ Intro & Demonstration - Sedona, AZ - January 27th
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